We are a team of developers and founders of SUHBA (translated from Arabic means Friendship), united by the idea of creating an international platform for positive changes in the world.

Suhba is a Russian multifunctional business company with offices in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates, China, Uzbekistan and Switzerland.

The main activity of Suhba AD is the development of software products for the ordinary mass consumer.
A large number of people around the world adhere to traditional moral values and want to protect themselves and their children from the negative Internet propaganda of violence, terrorism, drugs, sexual aggression and pedophilia, intruding homosexuality, digital crime, etc. And, of course, the idea of creating such space is born in the sphere of Information Technology (IT) where there are no state borders.

This market includes Internet banking, online shopping, global communications and many other sectors. Overcoming linguistic, cultural and political barriers is an imperative for Suhba (the focus is on 'a') and the company is striving to bring together more than 1.5 billion users in the next 2-3 years.

Together we created"Suhba"which includes

    It is a global, innovative multilingual international social network that is a platform for various Internet services that are interesting to modern people. A social network that brings together people of different nationalities with the same principles of moral values in the world of good deeds.
  2. HOME SEARCH (desktop browser)
    Dry Search Engine is a modern, fast and secure browser. Works with the Blink engine and the Chromium interface. The Suhba browser supports all modern web technologies and also has some unique properties.
  3. ANDROID SEARCH (android browser)
    Suhba's Android Device Browser is a modern, fast and secure browser based on the company's own development that supports all of the latest technologies and has some unique features
    Suhba Search - a new search engine with a stylish, concise design that provides security for open content. Thanks to the filter system installed in Suhba Search, you can get answers to each question in seconds, find the necessary websites, pictures, news or products without worrying about moral security. It also has full integration with all the Suhba projects.
  5. POSTAL SERVICE (mail service)
    Mail Suhba Mail - own e-mail service, which includes providing a mail account for each user of the Suhba social network based on two domains - suhba.ru and @ suhba.net, for example: name@suhba.net. It does not contain an ad unit, is easy to use, but has a lot of functionality.
  6. MESSIGNER (messenger)
    “Suhba Connect” is a free instant messaging program that uses Internet connectivity to communicate through calls, messages and video calls around the world. It has advanced functionality compared to other instant messaging Messenger services.

"Suhba" relies on the potential of cybersecurity, one of the fastest growing industries in the global digital marketplace. This will allow people who adhere to the same moral values, regardless of their nationality and religion, to communicate freely with each other, being in a loyal information space where there are no negative consequences. When it comes to the concept of traditional family values, a multiethnic, healthy lifestyle is a unifying beginning. The international social network "Suhba" is a clean internet environment in which both children and parents can be calm without worrying about their moral security.


Our mission is to cultivate the true values of mankind. We are moving the world towards prosperity. With the help of our services and applications, we distribute knowledge on the Internet, making it clean and safe for consumers. Overcoming all political, cultural and linguistic barriers that open the world of universal human values through the Internet. Creating "green" internet for communication, work, education.

Presentation of SUHBA


Groups of death, extremism, pornography, troubles have become an integral part of the internet! Needless to say, how much all this affects our children's psyche. Until recently, parents could not control the situation and protect their children from dangerous content. Today, thanks to SUKBA, it has become possible with the concept of "PURE GREEN INTERNET".

The importance, the global and the topicality of the project cannot be underestimated. Every progressive humanity adopts the idea of a "CLEAN INTERNET PLACE" in the name of the safety of their loved ones!

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