Suhba Browser

Desktop “Suhba Browser” – is a modern, fast and secure browser. Based on the latest version of the rendering engine Blink and Chromium interface.

“Suhba” browser supports all modern Web – technologies, and in addition, has some unique properties.

Suhba Network

is a global innovative multilingual international and inter-confessional social network that serves as a platform for a variety of Internet services for the people of today. This social network unites people of diverse ethnicities and nations using unified principles of such moral values as peace and good will

Suhba Connect

Messenger “Suhba Connect” – is a free messenger that uses an Internet connection to enable worldwide communication by audio and video calls and text messages.

Has an extended functionality compared to other popular messengers.

Android Browser

Android “Suhba Browser” – is a modern, fast and safe browser based on the personal interface inventions of “Suhba”. This browser supports all the latest technologies and has several unique features as well.

Suhba Search

is a new search engine with a stylish minimalist design that only shows safe content. The system of filters installed in Suhba Search enables you to find answers to any questions, as well as any needed websites, pictures, news or products in a matter of seconds without having to worry about moral security. This feature is also integrated with all other Suhba projects.

Suhba Mail

is our own mailing service that provides an email account for each Suhba social network user on the basis of two domains: and, for example:

The service does not have an advertising module in its core, is easy to use and at the same time highly functional.

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